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 Servlets and Java Beans in JSP sp.dchtml With the availability of Enterprise Java Servers, JSPs will play an increasingly important role in the development and management of web applications. The Java-based web application implementation architecture is sure to increase productivity, robustness, and maintainability of the next generation of web applications.
  Understanding Java Servlets colton.html To run a Java servlet, the first thing you need is a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) running on the server.
 Demonstration of message board servlet 1.html Demonstration of message board servlet
 feedback page feedback.html Please furnish information below to understand your Software and Hardware specification 
 user Groups Page userGroups.html userGroups
 Ask the Experts about Servlets FAQ bonfanti.dchtml Ask the Experts by Paul Bonfanti Paul Bonfanti, lead developer of the ServletExec Servlet Engine at New Atlanta Communications, answers some interesting questions about servlet development in the Ask the Experts  column. 
 XML & JavaTM Technologies ncfocus.html Portable Data / Portable Code XML & JavaTM Technologies
 JavaBeans Enterprise javabeans-enterprise-javabeans.html A JavaBean is a component that has interfaces in it or properties associated with it so it can be interrogated by and integrated with other beans that were developed by different people at different times
 Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0  REC-xml-19980210.html

Extensible Markup Language (XML) 1.0

W3C Recommendation 10-February-1998